SBCA Document Repository Redesign



xxx Communications page now private, linked inside admin.
xxx SBCA_2022-02-10_Communications-Chrtr.pdf moved to docs/charters/archive 
xxx Published 2023-04-18 12:37 PDT
------------  Next Version ----------------
    Code upload of financial documents
    Code upload of HF Communique


xxx Code Login/Logout
xxx Code file upload for Minutes and Agenda
xxx Code archive action. (Hides files from public without deleting them).
xxx Add folders for 2023 
xxx Add display coding for 2023 folders 
xxx Install three try login delay
xxx Released to production 2023-03-10 09:46 PST


xxx Notify players.
xxx remove 'pages.' from 'pages.arc.php', etc.
xxx add villages
xxx add nav links for
xxx Bug: Color of 'State and County Links' is too bright.
xxx restructure image storage
xxx design favicon
xxx add pool schedule to
xxx Publish 2.0.2 run parallel to

---------------- Upload Tasks ------------------
xxx upload version 2.0.2
xxx relink modules/sidebar
xxx relink
xxx relink
xxx relink 02.bclub
xxx relink 02.bclub/01.clubs
xxx relink 04.villages
xxx relink
xxx compress 2.0.2
xxx in replace =>
xxx compress pages
xxx upload into
xxx upload
xxx test and review public pages
xxx close

------------  Next Version ----------------
xxx Fix links on 
    code image view page
    encapsulate version page
    add sort and reverse sort options to display functions
    Add UN/PW access to archived documents.
    Rename or reorganize 'Bay Club Documents'


xxx Add general meeting page
xxx Add Health and Fitness page
xxx Add Version control log.
xxx Load images -- keep parallel to
xxx Load pix    -- keep parallel
xxx Added a.nav css
xxx Added sort feature to //Home Governing Documents section.
xxx Freeze Version 2.0.1
xxx Backup and Publish


xxx Backup Existing Site: files, data, www.
xxx Setup development site on
xxx Install w3css
xxx Rationalize ARC
xxx Finalize Document Page
xxx Setup Committee Pages
xxx Standardize file names.
xxx Release as with UN-PW access.